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Long Panel Fixing Clips - Black (Pack of 25)
VW T5/T6 Threshold Trim - Screw Hole Covers
Long Panel Fixing Clips - Dark Grey (Pack of 25)
Spare 14%
Kiravans T5/T6 Door Store (Right Sliding Door)Kiravans T5/T6 Door Store (Right Sliding Door)
VW T5/T6 Tailgate Threshold Trim (Genuine Part)
VW Side Door Step (Correct Height for Ply Lined Floors)VW Side Door Step (Correct Height for Ply Lined Floors)
Long Panel Fixing Clips - Light Grey (Pack of 25)
VW T5/T6 Barn Door Threshold Trim Cover (Genuine Part)
Spare 16%
Kiravans VW T5/T6 Rear Door StoreKiravans VW T5/T6 Rear Door Store

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