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The Kiravans exclusive design-protected double seat swivel system is an amazing piece of kit to transform the living space in your campervan. Clever engineering sees it released from its base, sliding and swivelling on a slippy plastic disc to be re-attached facing the rear. Thus creating a practical open living and dining space to enjoy camping in comfort. A self-levelling design counteracts any sloping, ensuring the rotated seat is comfy to sit on, whilst 4 x external locking screws secure the seat in place. There is also an optional solid floor plate and carpet, so you don’t lose that precious under-seat storage. 


This brilliant van upgrade offers superb quality and great functionality for comfort and ease of use, and really helps to open up the living space while retaining all the benefits of having three belted front seats. 


Compatible with all VW T5/T6 vans with original double passenger seats, including the new ‘facelift models’, the swivel also works with the RIB single drivers seat, (providing there is no furniture behind it), enabling all the front row seats to rotate. The Kiravans T5 / T6 double seat swivel is design protected and fully safety tested, passing all the requirements of TUV Deutschland and in the UK it has been tested to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC. It is the only T5/T6 double swivel seat on the market today with full TUV safety approval.


Fitting is straightforward with a few basic tools and takes 1-2 hours. It comes with a multilingual fitting guide.  We have also produced a useful step by step video ‘Kiravans How to Video’, in which Rob demonstrates how to successfully fit the double seat swivel. We take you through the fitting process step-be-step so you can see just how straightforward it is and the great benefits of the swivel once fitted.  You can find this insightful video on our YouTube channel.


Overall a great way to make use of your campervan space, providing ease of movement and more room for the family. No more fighting over who gets the best seat!


Available for immediate despatch, we have made our ordering and delivery process hassle free.  Just order today and there are various delivery options available to you including free standard UK delivery.